Nights of Fright Is Back And We Want You To Join!

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Nights of Fright Is Back And We Want You To Join!

We’re calling out everyone to come down to audition for us.

Originally written by Captain Quack


The most awaited night in Sunway Lagoon is coming back and we’re calling out each and every one of you to come to our auditions and scare the soul out of our Nights of Fright visitors.

Here’s an open invitation to all.

Location: Tribal Council, Sunway Lagoon (enter via Surf Beach, next to Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa

Date: 3 & 4 Aug | 17 & 18 Aug | 24 & 25 Aug | 7 & 8 Sept

Time: 10am | 11am | 12noon | 2pm | 3pm | 4pm | 5pm

So here is some criteria for everyone that would like to join us in arms for Nights of Fright.

#1 Scaring your friends and family is your career.

As expected we would prefer an individual who loves to give a shock to their friends or family members, so if you’re this type of person please come to our audition. We will also be helping you in polishing your scare skills! So for all you first timers, if you get passed our audition, you will start learning more at our Scare School.

#2 Research is KEY

As any other work you apply for, doing some research is always key in impressing interviewers, well it’s the same here. Go online, watch plenty of clips of scare stunts or scare actors doing their jobs. Study how the movements would be, what type/kind of sounds to make and facial expression, all of that is KEY to being a great scare actor!

#3 Confidence

Give your very best for the auditions and impress us during Scare School. Confidence is everything in this industry. Never start thinking that what you’re doing in the audition or scare school is nonsense because scaring people is not as easy as ABC, training is always needed to prepare yourselves in whatever situation you come across.

#4 Fitness

Scaring people is hard work, the sounds you need to produce, the movement you need to do, don’t think that it’s simple, so get your mental ready for some tiring work. Get your fitness up a level or two and be prepared for the most awaited event is Sunway Lagoon!

#5 Creative in innovating

To be different from other scare actors, try to create your own special movement and noise. Creativity is very important for scare actors, people tend to get bored of the same movement from scare actors and it will affect their experience in Nights of Frights, so normal movement = boring, bring with you your creativity and make us feel amazed!

#6 Dedicated

In whatever you do always remember what your job is and have fun with it, it might be a tiring night for you, but try to stay in character and remember what to do if any situation comes to you. For example, if visitors try to make you laugh, please don’t break character and start laughing, remember that they’re paying for a frightful experience.

#7 Need to pass Scare School

Once you’ve passed our audition, there’s one more step before you start terrifying our visitors, you would need to pass or Scare School, from here you will learn in-depth on how to scare people. Learn as much as you can and give your best because you would only be our official scare actors if you pass. Good Luck!

At the end of the day, it’s not about who can scream the loudest. Improv and commitment to the role is also important.

For any of you who is a new to this frightful event, we’ve attached a video from our previous Nights of Frights 6 for you to enjoy and have a clearer view of how the event is. Enjoy watching!

Highlight of last year's Nights Of Frights
Here’s the vlog from Motif Viral on last year, Nights of Fright 6

Hope this blog has been insightful!

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