It’s safe to be with sharks this summer holidays!

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July 26, 2019
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It’s safe to be with sharks this summer holidays!

This summer, Sunway Lagoon would like to invite you to be with sharks and have no fear of being bitten! (If you’re in Sunway Lagoon that is)

Sunway Lagoon is stepping up a level this Summer Holidays and we’re currently renovating our scream park and adding Sharknado into it!

We would like to think of everyone is the kind to get up to date on the latest trending, however for the small percentage of Malaysian that are not updated, here is the video teaser from David Latt on Sharknado in Malaysia that got everyone wondering on what’s happening. “BREAKING NEWS‼ A #SHARKNADO SPOTTED IN THE CITY OF #KUALALUMPUR #MALAYSIA!”

Some amazing footage if we might say!

We’re happy and proud to say that Sharknado will have its FIRST attraction WORLDWIDE in Sunway Lagoon! The horror comedy show is coming an no one will be safe from its horror and comedy!

Some will see it as something that is considered pure nonsense and illogical, but has any great movie not step beyond the logical line? Sharknado’s marketing for their movies were astoundingly tremendous. Neil deGrasse Tyson also joined their 6th movie! Well even if a scientist had an interest to join the movie, who are we to talk about logic.

So this summer in Sunway Lagoon we would like to say that you’re going to have a shark-tastic day with Sunway Lagoon’s new attraction! Be among the very first to experience Sharknado in Sunway Lagoon this Summer in Sunway Lagoon!

There’s many additional games, attraction, and photo op for you this Summer. So don’t miss out on visiting us this summer for a shark-tastic experience when you’re in Malaysia on the 10th – 18th of August, there will also be some hilarious Sharknado product for you to buy and keep as souvenirs.

This summer will be your time to have fun with sharks with your family and not have the anxiety of being dragged underwater or your hands being bitten off!

Several Insta worthy areas will be added in Sunway Lagoon. If you’re the type for taking funny and creative photos, this would be a great way to fill up your Insta feed.

We  won’t be spilling the tea on how Sunway Lagoon will look like during the summer…however if you do want to know on what other shows or attraction will be available during the summer in Sunway Lagoon, you can always follow us on our social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter… our digital team will certainly keep you updated on that.



P/S Keep an eye on our social media activities because you might stand a chance to win exclusive invites for Sharknado’s official launching!

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Have a great Summer!

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