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August 6, 2019
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Nights of Fright 6

Flashback from last year’s Nights of Fright!

Originally written by Captain Quack


The ghostly 👻 Halloween month is only 2 months away and Nights of Fright is making an appearance again!

🎪 Event: Nights of Fright 7: Fear Lives Here

🗓️ Dates:

  • September 28,29,30
  • October 4,5,6,11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,27,31
  • November 1, 2

The most anticipated event in Sunway Lagoon is coming back and it’s scarier than ever! So before we get all excited for the upcoming Nights of Fright 7 lets take a stroll down memory lane with Nights of Fright 6.

If you’re ever wondering what the hype is about, we’ve compiled some wonderful photos for you to see.

We’re proud to have Nights of Fright for everyone to join, it’s a good way to have fun and scream a little and the fans loves the event as much as we do. It’s packed with blood fans every day!

Having fun with our FANS

Here’s some photos of guests getting creeped out by our professional scarers. It’s a normal reaction from our fans to be scared plus their occasional screaming (It’s a package given from our lovable fans) and sometimes we get some funny reaction as some tend to be shocked and shout out random words that no one would understand the context of it (Pure gibberish)

As years goes by we try to give the best and scariest experience to our fans! It’s a never ending mission that must be done and we would be more than happy to do it for our fantastic fans. WE TAKE FUN SERIOUSLY!

The Characters

Take a long look at some of the creepy characters that fans had to face throughout the night for Nights of Fright 6!

If you feel that it’s not as creepy and scary as it seem, well you will feel creeped out as soon as you walk in Sunway Lagoon during the night and see these characters lurking around and waiting for the chance to pounce and scare you! What we normally receive are pure shock and panic, we never get bored of those reactions. We’re just giving you what you paid for and you should thank us for that 🤣


Besides scaring the 💩 off people, we also LOVE to put on a great show for everyone!

Virtual Experience

Experience Nights of Fright from your bedroom with vlogs from our fans and media fans and decide whether you’re brave enough to join us this year.

Join us for

Nights of Frights 7: Fear Lives Here

This year Nights of Fright is going to get scarier, crazier, and bigger than ever! Get your tickets HERE! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for immediate updates.

Share this blog to your friends that is having second thoughts for coming to Nights of Fright 7 and help them see how FUN this night could be.

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