‘Sharknado Alive!’ Is The Latest Horror Experience Swimming In Sunway Lagoon

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‘Sharknado Alive!’ Is The Latest Horror Experience Swimming In Sunway Lagoon

Originally written by IYLIA ADREENA (Rojak Daily)

Sharknadoes are taking over Sunway Lagoon.

Have you ever heard of the movie franchise ‘Sharknado’?

The franchise, hailed as one of the worst film franchises ever created (a fact backed by its own director, Anthony C. Ferrante), is as cringey as you can ever imagine – it involves thousands of sharks in tornados attacking humans.

The first ‘Sharknado’ was so bad that many eventually liked it, and that led to another five ‘Sharknado’ movies from 2013 to 2018. Unbelievable, right?

Well, it seems that the ‘Sharknado’ phenomenon may have reached our shores.

Local theme park Sunway Lagoon recently unveiled its latest Scream Park attraction – ‘Sharknado Alive!‘.

The world’s first ‘Sharknado’ walkthrough-themed attraction will see you scaredy-cats trying to navigate (or survive) through a 15-minute journey that features familiar scenarios and scenes from the movie.

In other words, you can experience all six movies in pure mayhem at one go.

“The movie may have started as an inside joke, but it became a phenomenon! ‘Sharknado’ tells a story of freak cyclones with man-eating sharks that hit Los Angeles, New York city to Kansas and more!” said Anthony C. Ferrante, director of all six ‘Sharknado’ movies.

Don’t worry, this Sharknado is very tame.

We at Rojak Daily got a chance to go through this shark-infested attraction and what we can say is that you’ll be screaming a lot (thanks to the jump scares) and at the same time, laughing your head off because some sharks are either too cute to be scary or just plain ol’ cringey.

‘Sharknado Alive!’ at Scream Park opens 10 August 2019, so grab your tickets if you want to get jump scared by sharks.

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