What’s Coming for Nights of Fright 7: Fear Lives Here

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August 23, 2019
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October 9, 2019

Nights of Fright 7

What’s coming for Nights of Fright 7: Fear Lives Here!

Originally written by Captain Quack

Terrific news for thrill hunters and horror seekers, Nights of Fright is coming back and they’re ready to give you the scare of your life!

Nights of Fright 7 will be on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 27 September- 2 November 2019

Let us give you some insights on what to look forward to for the upcoming Nights of Fright. This frightful year, we will be bringing to you some of the most scariest and intense scare actors and scare house that will make your souls forced to leave your body and run for cover!

8 Scare Houses

8 scare House that will be angry and ready to scare your souls out! try to keep track of which scare house you visited to make sure you visit every single one. Have and keep your souls in your body at all time friends!

ANIMALIUM houses these “zombified” animals that live strangely like humans deep inside a mountain in the lagoon. Walking around this specific scare house will leave you sleeping with nightmares beyond your imagination.

The ANGOSCIA fashion house, the scene for Models.. Mayhem.. and Murder. It is said that the famed Italian designer, Giorgio Angoscia, moved to Tokyo’s Harajuku district to design the most beautiful Gothic styles. One by one models started disappearing after modeling for Angoscia, never to be seen again

Live the night with some of your favorite horror movie icons in HORRORWOOD STUDIOS, remember to always keep your eyes wide open as you wander the corridors of this scare house as you might go face to face with Ghost Face, Freddy, Billy, Jason, Michael, Aliens, Ghostbusters and Pennywise. Buckle up because you will scared for your life as soon as you walk in here

A place of sinister that’s based on the origins of voodoo in New Orleans, Marie Laveau housed a collection of the spookiest and scariest talismans and totems. A museum of witchcraft, candles and candelabras.

Our craziest Jawsome attraction ever! SHARKNADO ALIVE! is set on the Hollywood soundstage of Asylum Studios Hollywood so we can explore the craziest horror/comedy movies ever made – six films in HOLLYWOOD’S most absurd movie franchise!


This year we’ll bring to you the mystical ancient arts of the BOMOH. Governing all who enter this run down theater, don’t trust your eyes or ears as the whispers of demonic chants blankets your conscious mind. Sit still and do not leave until the film ends or suffer the wrath of the BOMOH!


Here are some of the many characters that will be haunting your night at Sunway Lagoon! be very careful with these characters because you wouldn’t want your soul to be taken away and sent to hell. Walk in groups and take care of each other, you might not know that the next scream you hear will be you friends or family members or even worst your own!

Scare Zones

Stroll around our 2 scare zones and go face to face with our scare actors that will be waiting for the right time to pounce and scare you!

Seems like some of Hollywood’s most famous horror killers have been set loose! Stroll around at your own risk

Photo Ops

Get the opportunity to grab a photo for your social media! Show how much FUN you’re having to everyone! Just remember to #SunwayLagoonMY, #NightsofFright7, and #SLNOF7.

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