What’s Coming for Nights of Fright 7: Fear Lives Here
August 29, 2019
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October 9, 2019

Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright 7 is back scarier then ever!!!

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October is Halloween month and with October, almost everyone in Klang Valley and the surrounding area look forward to facing their biggest fears at the Nights of  Fright, Sunway Lagoon’s most thrilling event and Malaysia’s biggest Festival of Fear… Yours truly here was just biting at the bit along with her besties…

And we were there for the grand launch… It was such a nice gesture getting some Air Jampi (charmed/cursed water) Violets are Blu to drink from the small Pondok Bomoh, just after collecting our passes..

The launch was grand and we were all eager to get into a world fuelled by screams as well as a combination of maniacal laughter and nervous laughs…

Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright 7 (NOF7) will feature 8 haunted houses, 1 haunted theatre, 2 scare zones, 11 thrilling rides and 2 show stages…

They are none other then:-

Sharknado Alive!: Be prepared as you enter the World’s First Sharknado walkthrough themed attraction, SHARKNADO ALIVE! The most absurd attraction ever made, Sharknado Alive! is set on the Hollywood soundstage of Asylum Studios Hollywood so you can explore the craziest horror/comedy movies ever made featuring sharks in tornadoes!

Animalium: Meet the “zombified” animals that live strangely like humans…Imagine if your creepiest nightmares came to life! Combining a drop of spooky, a pinch of strange, and a big bit of scary, ANIMALIUM houses these “zombified” animals that live strangely like humans deep inside a mountain in the lagoon.

Horrorwood Studios: Spend some time with all of your favourite horror movie icons in HORRORWOOD STUDIOS, where movie memories come to chilling life – take good care and beware as you wander the corridors of HORRORWOOD and come face to face with your fears. See Ghost Face, along with Freddy, Billy, Jason, Michael, Aliens, Ghostbusters and Pennywise.

Hotel dEVILle: Step inside the HOTEL dEVILle and you may never leave! Long abandoned, and a shadow of its former glory; the rooms in this hotel have some very scary guests who have outstayed their welcome! It is a slaughterhouse of evil – the scariest place on earth. Make sure you do not become a permanent residence here too because fear does live here!

The Plague: Last seen in the times of the catastrophic bubonic plague, Plague Doctors have reappeared to taunt a local village into believing that the plague has returned. These strange characters, with bird-like beak masks, wander the outskirts of the village seeking to save – but are they helping…or simply feeding off of death? You be the judge – you can always trust the doctor, but beware THE PLAGUE!

Blood Shed: Remember the horror movies SAW, and Wolf Creek? Neither do we – we had our eyes closed all the time too! Inspired by these movies, BLOOD.SHED. takes its visitors through a remote and long-abandoned cluster of sheds, where it is believed many young tourists were captured, tortured, and left to die – the only remains are the remnants of the horror, and the bloodshed.

You have been warned to stay away!

Horrorjuku: Welcome to HORRORJUKU IN UV3D, the ANGOSCIA fashion house – the scene for models, mayhem and murder! It is said that the famed Italian designer, Giorgio Angoscia, moved to
Tokyo’s Harajuku district to design the most beautiful Gothic styles. One by one, however, models started disappearing after modelling for Angoscia, never to be seen again! The horror continues as the mannequins carry their lifeless souls in a haunting palace of beauty.

House of Voodoo: Beware the evil that lies behind these doors at HOUSE OF VOODOO. Based on the origins of voodoo in New Orleans, Marie Laveau housed a collection of the spookiest and scariest talismans and totems. A museum of witchcraft, candles and candelabras, this place of sinister worship awaits your soul!

Scarytales Theatre: This year’s Scarytales Theatre brings to you the mystical ancient arts of the BOMOH. Governing all who enter this run-down theatre, do not trust your eyes or ears as the whispers of demonic chants blankets your conscious mind. Sit still and do not leave until the film ends or suffer the wrath of the ‘bomoh’ and scariest talismans and totems. A museum of witchcraft, candles and candelabras, this place of sinister worship awaits your soul!

I know, I know the queue is super long and so if you can splurge, please get your express pass… But if you are on a budget like some of us, be sure to head to Hotel DEVILle and BLOOD. SHED first as these are the scariest and the best haunted houses everrrrr….. I also loved the Scarytales Theatre: Bomoh as well as The Plague…

Face your fear by walking into our Scare Zones. Keep your eyes wide open and always go in groups, you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you on that freaky night! Take a stroll down this street on your way to Horrorwood Studios – it seems like some of Hollywood’s most famous horror killers have been set loose! Familiar faces are waiting for you at SLASHER STREET!

Beware once you at SIREN’S COVE. Pirates and plunder, sirens and scares! These mythological beauties lure the unsuspecting with their hypnotizing charms into the domain of zombie pirates who protect them.

Do not miss out on Sunway Lagoon’s latest “Nights of Fright 7”…..

And while you are screaming your head off, don’t forget to stop by the Bloody Food Street where the ghosts surprisingly prepare some refreshments and great food for you to satisfy your hunger

NOF 7 comes to life at 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm every Friday – Sunday from 4th October to 3rd November 2019. Tickets are priced at RM79 (published rate) which comes with either a Blood
Bag or Devil’s Horn. Otherwise, choose to beat the queue with the Combo Package at RM158 which is inclusive of NOF7 admission ticket, express pass and your choice of either Blood Bag or Devil’s Horn. Guests can also enjoy an exclusive Combo Rate Deal of RM138 per person which is inclusive of NOF7 admission ticket and express pass. (Applicable for walk-in purchase only).

Get your tickets now at https://sunwaylagoon.com/nof7/ For more information, call 603 5639
0000, visit www.sunwaylagoon.com or connect to www.facebook.com/SunwayLagoonMalaysia.

So go get the tickets to Malaysia’s BIGGEST festival of fear HERE!

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