What’s Coming to Sunway Lagoon This Coming Holiday?!

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November 6, 2019
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November 22, 2019

What’s Coming to Sunway Lagoon This Coming Holiday?!

Originally written by Captain Quack

Wondering where to go this school holiday? Well there’s an easy solution for that! Bring your kids to Sunway Lagoon for the time of their life! Wuhooo

We’ve got some amazing additions for everyone this School Holiday and it’s worth the travel to enjoy them.

This coming holiday we’re bringing to you Christmas Sea-Sun!

So here’s a little insight on what everyone could look forward to this holiday:

1. Take Home Garden

Have any of you done a Take Home Garden? Do know that it’s a cute way to spend with you little ones! Teach them the way to make the world green little cup by little cup. Bring it home and watch it grow.

2. Giant Soapy Bubbles

Ahhh who doesn’t love bubbles right!  We’re sure that your kids will be over the moon when they play this! Especially when it comes out larger than they imagined!

3. Kiddie paddle boats 

This one we’re sure that if there’s an adult version as cute as this one, even mom & dad would love to try it out, unfortunately it’s only for kids. What mom & dad could do is capture some photo and video of their cuties.

4. Hop Scotch

Nothing can beat the classics.

Now let me tell you that if you have not played Hop Scotch then your childhood isn’t as good as you think it is! This game requires balance, precision, and mental strength. Here’s how you play Hop Scotch okay,  you throw an object into one of the Squares in front of you, you Hop through the squares and skip the square that have your object, you hop through and on the way back you pick the object that you threw in one of the squares and pass it to the next person.

5. Cupcake Decoration

Now this activity we don’t actually need to explain, as it is self-explanatory. When you visit us just make sure not to miss out on this fun activity! Let your kids dish out all of their creativity to decorate the cupcakes, once their done we’re sure you cake take your eyes of it.

6. Saving the Magical Stones

Have you ever played the game Ker Plunk by Hasbro?! We’ll it’s inspired by that game except it’s larger thank normal! It’s just huge. Huge Games + Families = Great Fun. Easy math for you.

7. Water Zorb Balls


Now this special activity is funny and tiring at the same time! Get into one of our huge inflatable available for you and set yourself free on water! Let’s see how long or how far you could go in our Zorb Balls. I can foresee people falling every second, and it’s going to be FUN to play and witness the chaos of what these Zorb balls brings.

8. Acro-Bats

Let your kids grip on to the bar and hang around to see how long they could last. Let’s see which siblings can last the longest!

So what are you waiting for?! Grab your tickets HERE and enjoy your Best Day Ever with us. Byeee and don’t forget to follow us on our socials yeah, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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