It’s going to be an EXTRAORDINARY School Holiday!

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November 11, 2019
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December 4, 2019

It’s going to be an EXTRAORDINARY School Holiday!

Originally written by Captain Quack

Let’s see what you had in mind for this year’s holiday!

So you’ve worked the whole year as much and as hard you could, you did everything for your company. Now, let’s give some time for the family and make this year-end holiday so fun that it would make up for the time you’ve missed with your family.

We’ve got several activities ready and waiting to get your family hyped up! We’ve already taken care of all the activities and fun times for your family, all you need to do is pack your swimming attire and drop by!


Now let me give you a couple of reasons to spend your family time with us.


#1 We’ve Planned The Whole Day For You

One of the many struggles when we try to plan to have a great time is…. there’s always something that doesn’t go as you planned and normally this would frustrate you as you’ve planned it perfectly and you expect nothing less than perfection. Now, as soon as you walk through our entrance we’re responsible to give you your BEST DAY EVER. Let it be known that we strive to give everyone their BEST DAY EVER. So don’t stress out on figuring out how to make everyone happy this holiday because we got you covered in that department.



#2 Family Friendly

Well, we cater to your whole family, we’ve got activities that would make your kids busy for the whole day. For mommy and daddy, we know letting your kids have fun is your number one goal for the holiday, besides swimming and watching your kids have fun, you NEED to try out our Vuvuzela and Monsoon 360, by the end on the ride we promise you that you’ll either be laughing or thinking “how did I survive that!”

#3 Do Something Memorable For The Year

End the year by doing something memorable for you and your family, let the kids give you a shout out to their friends on how cool and amazing their trip was when their parents brought them to Sunway Lagoon, the BEST theme park in Malaysia!

#4 Enjoy Yourself

No matter what your job is, as long as it’s called a job, stress will always be creeping behind you waiting to get to you, and when it does, it’s going to give you a whole new kind of headache. This time of year, let go of all your stress, enjoy yourself and reset your mind, body, and soul.

Activities That Await You!

#1 Saving The Magical Stones With Captain Quack

#2 Cupcake Decorating With Lady Quack

#3 Hop Scotch With Patches

#4 Water Zorb Balls With Ara

#5 Giant Soapy Bubbles With Zola & Mico

#6 Take Home Garden With Bani

#7 Kiddie Paddle Boats With Mimi & Mimo

#8 Acro-Bats With Belle

Now if you’re figuring out where to get your tickets, well you’re actually just a couple of clicks away for an EXTRAORDINARY holiday! Click HERE

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