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December 23, 2019
Sunway Lagoon Chinese New Year
What Not To Do This Chinese New Year
January 17, 2020
Sunway Lagoon CNY

A Mouse’s Tale

Brought to you by Sunway Lagoon This Chinese New Year

Trying to figure out where to go this Chinese New Year? Looking for some cool activities that your whole family can enjoy? Well we’re here for you! Plenty of exciting activities and shows awaits you this coming festive season from 23 January until 6 February.

But before we talk about the activities and shows let’s give you a sneak peak on our NEWLY ENHANCED Zambezi River!

The Main Attraction This Lunar New Year

Now Let’s see what activities & shows is waiting for you on 23 January until 6 February in Sunway Lagoon.





A mouse's tale

Visit our Huat Cheese Mountain and toss a coin into the cheese mountain hole for a whole year of good luck!


Sunway Lagoon CNY

Make a wish at our Wishing Love Pond in hope of finding love this year. You never know, you might even find your forever partner in Sunway Lagoon 😉



Fortune Chest

Get your fortune read from the Fortune Chest. Just select a drawer and retrieved the printed fortune card. Every card offers a “Feng Shui” tip or luck to give you an amazing year!


Sunway Lagoon CNY

Get your Angpau from the lucky tree! Take on your luck and pluck it carefully to receive a special Chinese New Year gift and even stand a chance to win a Huawei product! The only thing you would need to do on that day is pray that luck is really on your side!


Choose your racing rat, wind them up and watch them race through the course, first to reach the end wins! It may be simple, but we guarantee the winning feeling is addictive!


Sunway Lagoon CNY

Unleash you and your child’s creativity and create their own magical art by splashing and mixing sand colours!


Sunway Lagoon CNY

Sunway Lagoon CNY

Let’s see if you’re familiar with this traditional game “Chapteh” , try your best in kicking and keeping the Chapteh in the air!


Sunway Lagoon CNY

Get ready as Captain Quack & Friends put on an intense and amazing show for you!

It’s as exciting as it gets! Grab the whole family and join in on a fun adventure that they’ll never forget!


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