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January 13, 2020
Sunway Lagoon Chinese New Year
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January 22, 2020
Sunway Lagoon Chinese New Year

A Superstition Special

 by Captain Quack

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and because it’s that near let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do this Chinese New Year and maybe by reading you’ll save yourself from any bad luck for the upcoming year.

Let’s Get Started


#1 Do Not Eat Porridge And Meat For Breakfast

Okay, you might be thinking what the actual fact is going on? Well, let me explain. It is believed that porridge should not be eaten because it’s considered only poor people eat porridge in the morning and due to that belief, no one would want to start of the day as “poor”

Meat is a little bit different, meat is not to be eaten out of respect for the Buddhist Gods that is believed to be against killing of living things and as they are expected to go around wishing happy New Year to each other


#2 Wives Are Not Allowed To Visit Their Parent’s House

Before you go on ranting that it’s 2020, women should do what they want to do, let me explain, the reason for this is because it is believed to bring bad luck to the wife’s parent and causing financial instabilities for the family, and it’s common for a wife to visit her parents on the second day of the New Year.


#3 Avoid Borrowing Money

Keep your money safe and don’t lend any to anyone of New Year’s Day! Also don’t forget to pay your debts by New Year’s Eve. Another important reminder is, do not go to someone’s house that owe you money and demand it back. Try your best to avoid unless you’d want bad luck to come and hunt you down.


#4 Do not wear white or black

Why you ask? Well, these two colours are associated with death and mourning traditionally. So go get yourself some lucky color clothes and shine bright with your family.


#5 Avoid breaking tools or other equipment

Try to avoid breaking tools or other equipment during Chinese New year as it is associated with loss of wealth for the upcoming year. So if you’re annoyed at anything try not to break anything close to you, so you can get your maximum luck. This way you’re going to save money from repurchasing the broken item! Don’t break, have a sticky rice cake.

#6 Don’t Wash and cut your hair

Okay, the reason being is that it’s portrayed as washing and cutting your prosperity and wealth. So try to avoid that, but make sure you comb your hair.

#7 Avoid cursing and negative words.

Cursing and saying negative words like death, ghost or poor are ways to get bad luck, so watch your mouth and luck will be following you all year long.

So that’s about it from us! Hope it’s going to help you to have the Huat-est year. Thank you for reading.

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