Type Of Family Members You’re Going To Meet During Chinese New Year.

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January 17, 2020
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Sunway Lagoon Chinese New Year

Type Of Family Members You’re Going To Meet During Chinese New Year.

A Chinese New Year Family Edition Blog! by Captain Quack

# 1 The Nagger

These type usually goes to aunties, it’s the type that just keep on talking. Oh you know the type that asks you what’s going on in you life, how’s your grade in uni, if you’ve got a girlfriend or not and if your working, the golden question normally would be “eh Ah beng, when are you getting married?” and you’d be like “don’t know lahhh, when I have money”.

#2 The Feng Shui Master

Ahhh this goes to both uncle and aunties, he/she will be the one that re arranges your furniture in order to get your ultimate Feng Shui. This you’d just leave them alone and let your mommy or daddy handle the situation. You’d wouldn’t want to get into a debate with a Feng Shui Master.

#3 The Rich One

Being rich is always on everyone’s mind but when they start showing off their new and expensive watch, wallet, phone and whatever they’ve got on, then you start saying to yourself “I don’t really care, like whatever”. What you could do when you’re stuck in this type of scenario is nod, smile and act all surprise.

#4 The Fast One

This is a special one, it’s the one that comes and go like literally, he /she will come, meet everyone, eat, get ang pau and go in just about 10 – 20 minutes. Some says it’s a skill that can’t be thought.

#5 Talent Show Master

If you’ve ever had a karaoke at your open house during Chinese New Year, you’d know which of your family members is the king of karaoke. Beer in one hand, mic in the other and starts singing their heart out like there’s some artist manager scouting them.

#6 The Gambler

Ahhh what’s Chinese New Year without some gambling right? These family members loves to gamble. And every year it’s usually the same crowd of ‘gamblers’. Don’t be alert when they start shouting at each other as it usually ends well at the end of the session. What’s family without some competition right?

#7 The Kiasu

All I could say is good luck when you meet the kiasu type, you’re going to listen to how amazing their son / daughter are doing right now and where they’re working and starts comparing you to them and you’re there just like “ahh  haha okay”.


Those are the type of family members you meet during Chinese New Year. Each and everyone has their added specialty that makes a family gathering an unforgettable event and you know if they missed out on your family gathering you’d be asking your mom and dad why they didn’t show up. So enjoy the celebration enjoy the company.

So that’s about it from us! Hope it’s going to be the Huat-est year for you! Thank you for reading.

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