Cheap But Meaningful Ways To Express Your Love On Valentines

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January 22, 2020
Valentine's Day

#1 Cute Photo Book


People say a picture says a thousand words, how about creating a photo book? By creating a photo book it’s going to show the moments you’ve spent together. So collect or print out every photo you’ve got together and start making a photo collage book. It’s going to be extra meaningful when you do it on yourself.

#2 Netflix & Chill

movie night

Decorate your living room to have a romantic ambience, order a box of pizza and chill in your living room while watching a romantic movie with your loved one.

#3 Make a Playlist


Hearing certain songs can really bring back memories, it’s like a time machine but cheaper! If you have not made a playlist before this, then this is the best time to make a playlist. Compile every song that’s special to you and your partner and play it on valentine’s day!

#4 Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed

If before this it was you being served breakfast, on valentine’s switch places with your partner and create breakfast for your forever partner, but this time switch it up a bit and bring breakfast straight into the bedroom! Nothing better than waking up to food and an amazing partner.

#5 Lovable Sticky Notes

lovable sticky notes

Write a sweet message for your partner and stick them on their clothes and watch your partner light up when he/she reads it.

#6 Bouquet of Flowers


Send a bouquet flowers to your partner’s office and show the world how much you love your partner.

#7 Home-Cooked Romantic Dinner

valentine dinner

Having a romantic home cook dinner might seem cliché but it certainly will win your partner’s heart, you get to spend quality time together, reminisce the time you first met and you get to prove how an amazing chef you are in the kitchen. The way to a person’s heart is through food.

Have a romantic Valentine’s Day everyone!

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